The immigration game: Theatre asks audience to escape to Wales

The work has been described as a cross between Big Brother and a 'choose your own adventure' novel

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Rarely does a night out at the theatre require waterproofs, snacks and a train ticket. Yet the new “immersive” drama by the National Theatre Wales will take audience members on a journey from Bristol to Newport with online viewers voting on the outcome of the story.

Bordergame turns the audience into migrants attempting to illegally cross the border into the Autonomous Republic of Cymru from the ailing Royal United Kingdom of New Britain and Northern Ireland.

In each performance, 24 audience members will attempt to contact a group of people smugglers to get out of Bristol, with online viewers dictating the storyline. 

The work, which won the inaugural Space Prize – a digital theatre award of £20,000 – has been described by its creators, John Norton and Matthew Wright, as a cross between Big Brother and a “choose your own adventure” novel.

Mr Norton said: “I’ve been involved with a lot of immersive work but this pushes the boat further.”

The work took three years to develop, although Mr Norton said he’d been interested in the idea for much longer.

Audience members will travel between Bristol Temple Meads and Newport Station, a journey of a little over half an hour, with scenes played out in different locations along the way.

They have been warned to prepare for “inclement weather” and told to bring bottled water and snacks.