The Labour Party in Blackpool: Quotes of the day

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'We should learn the lessons of history. We should remember that we haven't merely come to Blackpool for the rock. We've come for the rock of socialist ages.' - Arthur Scargill, president of the NUM.

'We need a minimum wage because we will not build industries that are an international success on the back of wages that are an international disgrace.' - Robin Cook, Labour trade and industry spokesman.

'There can be no doubt that the real culprits . . . are the Tory ministers who at one and the same time played both Pontius Pilate and puppet master.' - Jimmy Knapp, RMT general secretary, apportioning blame for the signal workers' dispute.

'Our conference, unlike that of the Liberal Democrats, will not be a contest between the delegates and the leadership.' - David Blunkett, party chair.

Yesterday's decisions

THE conference agreed:

Full employment must be top priority. No target set.

Speedy introduction of a minimum wage. No level set.

Retain and uprate universal Child Benefit. Review structure of benefits to ensure anyone in work should be better off.

Endorsed the Social Chapter.

Anti-union legislation to be replaced by 'fair and balanced' laws in line with the ILO.

Review of the CSA.

Universal rights to vocational education and training.

Conference rejected:

Renationalisation of gas, water and electricity.

Today's business

Tony Blair will address conference. There will be debates on:

Environment policy, including rural affairs, animal rights and housing.

Internal party business.