The Labour Party in Blackpool: Quotes of the day

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'There's no right of reply in the Labour Party standing orders.' John Evans, conference chairman, disappointing another would-be speaker.

'Last week the Chancellor didn't just stop supporting the pound, he stopped supporting the Prime Minister, leaving him floating downwards. . . to find his own level.' Gordon Brown.

'We did manage a modest surplus with Vatican City - but even divine intervention could not save us from a deficit with all the rest of Italy.' Robin Cook, trade and industry spokesman, on Britain's pounds 200m trade deficit with Italy last year.

'Reflecting on the Tory election campaign, I am convinced that Conservative politics must be the only profession where being an uncaring, smug, patronising liar is a compulsory qualification.' John Evans.

'These events must prove that the words 'socialist' and 'millionaire' do not sit easily together.' Tony Dubbins, general secretary of the Graphical Paper and Media Union, on the Maxwell pensions scandal.

'People in East Grinstead have to be given the chance to vote Labour. They may not want to vote Liberal.' Tony Banks MP at fringe meeting at a fringe meeting on pacts and deals.