The Labour Party in Blackpool: Quotes of the Day

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'The Tories were out there making political speeches and we were messing about with balloons.' Teresa Pearce, Erith & Crayford, attacking Labour's election campaign.

'We were promised a New Statesman, and what have we got instead? The Spectator.' John Smith, condemning John Major.

'John Major and Norman Lamont - the Laurel and Hardy of British politics. Another fine mess they've got us into.' John Smith.

'I expect those of you who attended Scots night last night would have great difficulty in grappling with philosophies in any case.' Allen Gray, Falkirk West, keeping his early morning speech on Labour values simple.

'Don't move it, don't move it] Sex will split the Labour Party.' Pam Tatlow, quoting Dora Russell on a conference organiser's reaction to a motion on contraception in 1924.