The Labour Party in Blackpool: Quotes of the Day

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'A Liberal is a Conservative who's been arrested. Just remember that.' Teresa Pearce, Erith & Crayford CLP, during the debate on democracy.

'Norman Lamont . . . he doesn't know if he's on this earth or fuller's earth.' Dennis Skinner.

'He is probably reviewing his leadership options at this moment.' Mr Skinner again, on why Michael Heseltine had not replied to a letter.

'In the old days the MoD knew how to deal with a Major who had caused disgrace - they would give him a glass of brandy and a cigar and ask him to retire to the study to do the gentlemanly thing. Sometimes the old ways are the best . . .' Margaret Prosser, TGWU.

'It isn't my first conference, but some people wish it was my last.' Ken Cameron, general secretary, Fire Brigades Union, moving a motion on defence cuts.

'I hadn't been out of John Smith's office five minutes having been given defence when colleagues started telling me I had the bed of nails.' David Clark, MP.