The Liberal Democrat Conference: Quotes of the day

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'I don't want to kill what I say with faint damn, but the whole of the parliamentary party supports option B' - Alex Carlile, outgoing employment spokesman, before delegates supported option A in the minimum wage debate.

'There's been a lot of talk about our relations with Labour. Ain't yer sick of it?' - Sarah Ludford, Islington councillor.

'Voting Tory is like being in trouble with the police. You'd rather the neighbours didn't know' - Charles Kennedy, the outgoing president, on why polls can be wrong.

'Labour's new leader is tap-dancing around the issues to such an extent that I am beginning to think that they elected not Tony Blair, but Lionel Blair' - Alex Carlile.

'You can tell a lot about a country which talks about the Royal Mint and the National Debt' - Norman Baker, prospective parliamentary candidate for Lewes, during the monarchy debate.