The people who keep a watch over local constabulary: Esther Oxford looks at the type of men and women on one English police authority

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GLOUCESTERSHIRE Police Authority consists of 36 members - 11 Liberal Democrat; 7 Labour; 5 Conservative; and 1 from the People Against Bureaucracy Action Group. The remaining 12 are magistrates from around the county.

The following is a random selection of members:

John Parker, 51, from Tewkesbury; non-political; has been a magistrate on the authority for one month; management consultant.

David Price, 56, from Westbury on Severn; Conservative; magistrate on the authority for one month; director of small building company.

Tom Fitzgibbon, 49, from Prestbury Chett; non-political; magistrate on the authority for one month; member of police negotiation board; retired bank official.

Lorna Eltringham, 55, from Gloucester; authority magistrate for one month; housewife.

Peter Walker, 56, from Longhope; non-political; two years as magistrate on the authority; company director.

Lloyd Perry, 45, from Gloucester; Conservative; authority magistrate for one month; insurance broker.

Malcolm Lomas, 59, from Cheltenham; Conservative; has been a magistrate on the authority for four years; self- employed in oil industry.

Michael Parry, 50, from Kingsholm; Liberal Democrat; council for four years, authority for one month; sits on new community care committee; nurse manager.

Chris Smith, 30, from Churchdown; deputy spokesman for local Labour Party; elected to council last month; involved in police complaints; sales manager.

Henry Withers, 78, from Arlingham; Conservative; authority member since 1985; sits on education and police committees; retired farmer.

Andrew Cornish, 60, from Prestbury, Cheltenham; People Against Bureaucracy Action Group; council and authority member since 1981; sits on environment and developmental control committees, road safety chairman; unemployed.

Richard Somers, 48, from Minchinhampton, Stroud; Conservative; council and authority member since 1989; sits on strategy and resources, and public protection committees; chartered accountant.

Margaret Hall, 65, Cheltenham; Conservative; council member for 23 years, authority member for 15 years; sits on environment committee; housewife.

Rev Jack Newell, 66, from Hempsted; Liberal Democrat; authority member for five years; retired but works as a non-stipendiary minister.

Terry Parker, 58, from Painswick, Stroud; Liberal Democrat; third year on authority, council member since 1988; retired.

David Gayler, 52, from Fairford; Liberal Democrat; council and authority member since last month; company director.

Dr John Cordwell, 49, from Wotton-under-Edge; Liberal Democrat; council member since 1981, authority member since 1985; chairman, environment committee; research scientist.

Charmian Sheppard, 45, from Cheltenham; Liberal Democrat; elected to council and authority last month; police community liaison representative; insurance broker and funeral reporter.

Colin Hay, 37, Cheltenham; Liberal Democrat; 12 years on council and authority; Cheltenham borough councillor; builder.

Timothy Martin, 41, Gloucester; Labour; council and authority member since last month; member of public relations committee; manages charity.

Paul Rogerson, 37, from Blakeney; Labour; elected to council last month; sits on environment committee; landscape gardener.