The Queen's Speech: Welsh and Scots reforms

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THE Government intends to bring forward legislation to reform local government in Scotland and Wales, writes Ngaio Crequer.

In contrast with England, the changes will be made by government fiat.

In Scotland, the Government wants to create a new structure comprising 28 single-tier councils. There is uproar over the proposal to change the Strathclyde region, which represents about half of the population, into 10 new authorities. Proposed councils range in size from 620,000 to 88,000.

In Wales, according to a White Paper in March, the plan is to replace 37 district and 8 county councils with 21 unitary authorities. The names Monmouthshire, Carmarthenshire, and Cardiganshire would return. Out would go Clywd, Gwent, Gwynedd, and Dyfed.