The Tories in Bournemouth: Quotes of the day

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'It is not true that the Government is presiding over a system of crude laissez-faire capitalism' - Michael Howard, Home Secretary.

'Over the last 20 years we have shown in the United Kingdom that state monopolies do not work. Indeed, we have shown that the best way to lose your job is to work for one' - John Redwood, Secretary of State for Wales.

'All Labour offer is karaoke Conservativism. They keep forgetting the words. They can't keep in tune and they remind you how much better is the original' - Peter Lilley, Secretary of State for Social Security.

'A government led by Tony Blair would be tough on wealth and tough on the causes of wealth' - Michael Portillo.

Business today

Kenneth Clarke, the Chancellor, will address the conference at the close of a debate on the economy. There will also be debates on the environment and planning, education, home affairs and Northern Ireland.