The written word: what two samples revealed to an analyst

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Lawrence Warner, a graphoanalyst, was sent two specimens of handwriting. He knew only the sex of each writer.

Charles Kennedy, Liberal Democrat president.

'Emotions are very much to the fore and the writer will be affected very quickly by anything which touches his feelings. Moreover, experiences will be absorbed like a sponge and the effects will be long- lasting. He has an inquiring mind and will enjoy researching a subject for himself and then subjecting the data to careful scrutiny. His sense of detail is pronounced and the danger can be that he will become too engrossed in it, with the result that some things will be postponed.

'Action is a by-word with him and he can put a great deal of effort into what he undertakes, not least because he has high reserves of energy. There is some indication that he can anticipate ridicule especially if he should fail - although he is people-oriented this can reduce his wish to consort with them.' Claire Rayner, author and agony aunt.

'Objective in her approach she will look to see the best action to take in any particular circumstance. She is not prone to let her feelings dictate her actions.

'The world of ideas will appeal most strongly to her and she can become lost in it. At times she will appear to be a million miles away. In the day-to-day aspect, she can readily extract the essence of an idea. The quick understanding which she exhibits, coupled with an appreciation of language, supports a very persuasive ability. This facility with words can also be used to retaliate. If she feels she is being pushed around she can make barbed remarks which will be keenly felt.

'Although she can be a team member in the work arena she will want to expert her independence in her daily life.'

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