The Yeo Resignation: MP hopes for end to 'distressing intrusions': The Letters

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Mr Yeo's insistence that he had been driven from office by media pressure is evident in the text of his resignation letter to the Prime Minister.

John Major, in his letter of reply to Mr Yeo, said he hoped that the former minister could rejoin the Government at a later stage.

Dear Prime Minister,

I have decided today to resign my post as Minister of State at the Department of the Environment. It has been a great honour to serve in your Government and I have taken this decision with extreme sadness.

Although I consider that my personal life has never in any way prevented me from discharging my duties as a minister, I now believe that I have no alternative than to step down from the Government.

This will enable me to concentrate on uniting my constituency party organisation. I hope it will also protect all the innocent individuals involved who have suffered distress in recent weeks from any further intrusion.

I look forward to continuing to support both your leadership and the policies of this Government.

Tim Yeo MP.

Dear Tim,

Thank you for your letter today, explaining your reasons for resigning from the Government. I fully understand your wish to concentrate on uniting your constituency party.

I am most grateful for all you have done at the Department of the Environment and before that at the Department of Health. You have been a most effective minister, and I am sorry that your talents will not now be available to the Government; I hope that they may be used again at a future stage.

In the meantime, I shall welcome your support from the backbenches.

My best wishes to Di and to the rest of your family, all of whom I know have been a great support to you.

Yours Ever,