A month for all reasons (including 'Plebuary')

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Following the success of the "Movember" moustache-growing charity, which raises awareness of prostate cancer, the NHS has launched "Stoptober": "a new, exciting 28-day challenge to stop smoking". Here are some suggestions for campaigns for the remaining months of the year:

White Van Manuary: A celebration of undervalued mobile tradesmen

Plebuary: Raising awareness of the verbal abuse of uniformed police officers

Starch: A 31-day eating challenge on behalf of the unfashionable potato and pasta industries

Stapril: Celebrating the British stationery sector

50 Shades of May: In which participants read a piece of erotic fiction every day for 30 days

Sand June: A campaign to build awareness around British beaches

Queuely: A campaign to raise awareness of the summer sales

Phwoargust: A month-long celebration of summer dresses

Schleptember: A 28-day rambling challenge

Abcessember: A month-long dental health awareness scheme.