Beach-ban Asbo for suicide bid woman

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A woman who has repeatedly tried to drown herself has been banned from visiting her local beach.

Amy Dallamura, 42, from Aberystwyth, has an Asbo which prohibits her from entering the sea, the beach, parts of the promenade as well as walking on the town's Constitution Hill.

The order was brought by Dyfed-Powys Police not only to protect Ms Dallamura, but also the emergency services staff who have been scrambled on three separate occasions to rescue her from the sea.

During a rescue in January 2003, PC Simon Tudor let go of a safety line and swam out to Ms Dallamura as she drifted 300 metres from the shore. PC Tudor was later named bravest officer in Wales by the Police Federation.

Inspector Terry Slater, of Dyfed-Powys Police, said: "We are using the Asbo in a slightly different way but the idea is to save life. We don't want her [Ms Dallamura] harming herself and we don't want anybody else hurt trying to save her. It's a bid to protect everyone."

Ms Dallamura said she was plagued by hip and back pain and was driven to desperation by her poor health. She said: "I never wanted anyone to risk their life to save me and I never wanted anyone to see me attempt to take my own life."