Britons 'more flighty than the French'

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Britons think their own compatriots are more flirty than the French while on holiday, according to a survey.

Only the Italians were seen as bigger flirts than the British, the poll by holiday company Kuoni found.

A total of 24 per cent of the 1,000 people surveyed reckoned the Italians were the top flirts, with 15 per cent opting for the British, 12 per cent for the Spanish and 10 per cent for the French.

Looking at trends before, during and after trips away, the survey showed that Liverpudlians are among those who have more sex while away than at home, while people from Sheffield buy the most new clothes before taking a holiday.

The poll also revealed:

:: 36 per cent of women diet and 30 per cent of them exercise before a trip:

:: People from north west England make the fewest pre-holiday preparations, while older holidaymakers do the most research on destinations;

:: Top "adventurous" destination for lovemaking on holiday is the beach, followed by the sea, the pool, on a boat and on a plane;

:: 43 per cent drink more alcohol on a break, with those from Sheffield most likely to drink more, while those from Birmingham are most likely to abstain;

:: Glaswegians are most likely to wear clothes reminding them of their holiday once they get back, while 20 per cent of women wear white to show off their tan.