Can't face Monday morning office chat? Email instead

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The art of conversation is dying out in the nation's workplaces, with employees far more inclined to dodge a face-to-face chat by sending an email or phoning their colleagues – even those working in the same building.

A survey found that more than 68 per cent of people preferred emails and conference calling to actual conversation in the workplace. The indirect approach had the benefit of avoiding awkward questions or being persuaded to take on more work.

With more and more people picking up emails on smartphones, 52 per cent said they had become so reliant on technology that they were now less confident going over issues with people face-to-face.

Less than a third of respondents recognised a benefit of direct conversation, but those who did said it proved quicker at solving dilemmas and tackling a number of matters at once. However, email was voted the most popular form of communication.

The poll of 600 office workers was conducted by