Celebrities furnish Habitat with personal creations to mark its 40th anniversary

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He is known for his portrayal of a desperate junkie in Trainspotting and a Jedi knight in the Star Wars prequels, but Ewan McGregor has turned his attention to his softer side.

He is known for his portrayal of a desperate junkie in Trainspotting and a Jedi knight in the Star Wars prequels, but Ewan McGregor has turned his attention to his softer side.

The Scottish actor has designed a director's chair with extra padding to make the hours of waiting during film shoots less torturous. He is among 22 personalities who have designed products to mark the 40th anniversary of the high-street store,Habitat.

Sir Terence Conran opened his first Habitat store in Fulham Road, London, in May 1964, with the aim of blowing away the cobwebs of conventional design. Four decades later there are more than 70 Habitats across Europe, with outlets as far away as Bangkok, Thailand. Even Sir Conran has created a Jeeves Valet to mark the home furnishing store's anniversary.

Helena Christensen, the supermodel, Sir Stirling Moss, the former Formula One driver, and the record-breaking freediver Tanya Streeter have all tried their hand for the latest range at the chic chain.

The finished products, featuring everything from a Led Zeppelin-inspired coffee table to a domestic safe, go on sale tomorrow, costing from £9 to £1,200.

McGregor told Habitat's designers his £150 fold-up canvas and wood creation has extra padding to help endure the long waits on set. He is joined from the film world by Kristin Scott Thomas, who created a £195 leather travel bureau.

The shoe designer Manolo Blahnik, whose expensive creations came to fame with the US television series Sex and the City , has designed a £25 aluminium shoehorn, which resembles one of his shoes.

Tom Dixon, creative director of Habitat, said: "What really astonished us was the superior quality of ideas that came back. There was a definite benefit to us in stepping out of Habitat's familiar worlds of product design and retail, to absorb the ideas of sports people, milliners and philosophers."

Christensen, also a photographer, designed a £40 flower-shaped table light, while Sir Stirling has designed a home/office storage set, comprising a three-drawer chest, letter tray, magazine file, box file and blotter pad. He admitted: "People might think it strange that someone like me, who is famous for moving fast, should come up with something for a home/office-based desk. I'm a Virgo so I'm very fussy about organisation and like everything to look neat and have its place." The former racing car driver is so particular about neatness that he goes to the trouble of buying door handles with no visible screws and screwless light fittings.

The world freediving champion, Tanya Streeter, chose to design champagne glasses. The design - bubbles sit in the base of the flute - is a tribute to the safety divers who helped her to smash records in the great depths of the sea. She said: "Their bubbles are a comfort to hear, see and feel."

The former boxer Lennox Lewis has created a £39 digital alarm clock, because "time has been a defining factor in my life and career".

The Olympic gold medallist Linford Christie has come up with a shoe storage system - useful for a man who owns 50 pairs of size 10 shoes.

The hat designer Philip Treacy has made an armchair, which at £1,200 is the most expensive of the celebrity creations, and is based on the design for one of his hats.

The dance music group Daft Punk designed a coffee table, inspired by the Seventies rockers Led Zeppelin, and will go on sale at £1,000. The Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad made a milking stool, inspired by his first job of milking cows for his father.


Ewan McGregor, actor

Director's chair

After enduring years of uncomfortable chairs on film sets, Ewan, 33, put his mind to padding out the classic wooden and canvas design with a £150 creation. His is larger and more rigid than the traditional version and comes with an arm pouch for small items.

Helena Christensen, model

Flower light

The Danish model was creatively inspired after "being mesmerised by a friend's dining table that was decorated like a wild-growing garden complete with a grass-covered table-top". Helena, 35, prefers to light her Copenhagen home with candles and has created a lamp with strong ambient light. Price £40.

Manolo Blahnik, shoe designer


Blahnik, whose expensive creations became the unofficial house brand of the American television series Sex and the City, said: "A shoehorn is something I've always wanted to make. By making something rigid, I have managed to create a shape and texture that I have not yet been able to achieve in a wearable shoe." The shoehorn goes on sale priced at £25.

Tanya Streeter, world freediving champion

Champagne flutes

Freedivers plummet over 100m deep and hold their breath for six minutes plus. Her design is a tribute to the safety divers. "Their bubbles are a comfort to hear, see and feel, especially in great depths where the absence of light tests my courage and forces me to explore the same dark depths within myself," she said.