Celebrity Companions: Love me, love my pet

Engelbert Humperdinck's reunion with his lost dog yesterday showed just how much stars depend on their animals for loyal support. Paul Kelbie says aaaah
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The wife of disgraced politician Jeffrey Archer has a Bengal tabby called Oliver, who, apparently, is jealous of strange men. Must have been a few worrying moments when Mr A came out of jail, then.

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller may have won critical plaudits for her performance in As You Like It, but as far as dogs Porgy and Bess are concerned, a tribute from Dogs Trust, the dog welfare organisation, was of far greater import. The charity cited her as a shining example of an owner who isn't "too posh to poop scoop".

Cherie Blair

Within months of arriving at Number 10, Cherie Blair was accused of ordering Humphrey the Downing Street cat to be put down. Objection, m'lud: the 17-year-old mouser is alive and well and living in south London.

Frankie Dettori

Four dogs, three goldfish and two ponies share the family homestead of the champion jockey, his wife and four children. But it is George the Boxer, reportedly, who is most devoted to the master of the house.

Sharon Osbourne

Minnie the Pomeranian has been described by her owner as the "family therapist", and credited with helping her fight cancer. Viewers of the reality television show which catapulted the Osbourne family to fame have also suggested it is better house trained than Ozzy...

Martin Bell

The journalist, broadcaster and former MP may be an enemy of fat cat culture, but he is firmly on the side of felines. The one-time war correspondent is devoted to his tabby, Noushka.

James Hewitt

Former army officer James Hewitt, is said to have found comfort listening to music with his dog Tess after his break-up with the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Apparently, the wolfhound is now looked after by another girlfriend he had at the time, Emma Stewardson.

Mike Tyson

The man known for biting off Evander Holyfield's ear and serving a prison sentence for rape, once owned three tigers. He claimed he used them as sparring partners, until licensing and legal problems forced him to find a licensed refuge for them in Colorado.

Barbara Windsor

The former star of the Carry On films, who once made a Pet Shop Boys video, is a keen supporter of Wetnose, a national animal campaign raising money to support animal rescue centres across the UK.

George Bush

The man who has been accused of making a dog's dinner of policy pronouncements is also an animal lover. Pets include Beazley and Barney (Scottish Terriers); Spot (English Springer Spaniel); India the cat and Ofelia the Texas Longhorn.


Glasgow-born singer Marie Lawrie, better known as Lulu, can often be seen walking her white West Highland terrier, Bonnie, in London. Her recent advertising campaign for Flora also includes a West Highland terrier. Who says you should never work with animals?

Paul O'Grady

Paul O' Grady (alter ego Lily Savage) credits his dog Buster, a Shih-Tzu cross, with helping him to recover from a heart attack in 2002. The Liverpudlian comedian also has goats, chickens, donkeys, pigs and a cow called Dot at his home in Kent. Latest addition to the menagerie is a puppy called Olga.