'Coronation Street' star flees security

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Police were searching for a leading soap actor last night after security officers reported he appeared to be carrying a gun while boarding a ferry to France.

Nigel Pivaro, 41, who plays Coronation Street's "bad boy" character Terry Duckworth is alleged to have fled during a security search at Dover Hoverport at 3.30pm yesterday.

A Hoverspeed spokesman said a security officer asked about what appeared to be gun in a holster during a personal search. Mr Pivaro allegedly insisted it was a replica before jumping into his car and speeding the wrong way along a one-way road, he said. The company alerted Kent police who launched an immediate search.

Mr Pivaro's agent, Hilary Gagan, said he had driven away following an argument with a security guard. "He had had a really bad day. This guy is all sort of touchy so he decided to turn around the car and drive away. It is complete nonsense to say that he had a gun," she said. "I don't know where he is now but I hope he is somewhere having a nice stiff drink. He was just a bit tired and it was a hot day."