Council sent parking fine to two-year-old

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A council admitted it had been "over-conscientious" after it was revealed that a two-year-old boy was issued with a parking ticket.

The fines department of Camden Council in north London had insisted that James Reilly – whose only mode of transport is a pedal-driven red plastic buggy – pay the £60 fine or face a court appearance.

His mother, Amanda, phoned the council when she received the ticket to explain that she did not own the white Lada named – or any other vehicle – and that the "culprit" was 15 years from taking his test.

The 22-year-old single mother said she was told to go to the town hall to prove her son's age. She said: "It's the council's mistake and I said I didn't see why I should have to trek all the way to the town hall with a crying toddler."

A spokeswoman for the council said the ticket was issued to another driver but they sent the fine to James after consulting records at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. "We have apologised to James and his mother and will not be pursuing the ticket," she added.