Fiaz and Benedetta were to marry. Now he waits, and hopes

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Now Fiaz Bhatti, a 29-year-old salesman from Norwich, wanders from station to station searching for clues to the whereabouts of his fiancee, Benedetta Ciaccia.

"I spoke to her at 7am last Thursday when she sent me a text," he said. "I know her train arrived at Liverpool Street at 8.40am and she would have caught the Tube to Embankment. We hope she is shocked and lost. We hope someone sees her; that is why we carry on looking."

Mr Bhatti spent the first 11 years of his life in Luton - a "war zone" of tense inter-community relations. He moved to Norwich and three years ago met Benedetta, 30, a business analyst, in Manchester.

"We fell in love," he said, while taping up pictures of her outside King's Cross station. "We believed in different religions but that was never an issue. Both religions essentially teach the same thing: you shouldn't kill, you shouldn't steal, treat others with respect."

Mr Bhatti said the bombings had victims from all walks of life and the perpetrators could not be called Muslim. "We brought together religions, nationalities, languages, we are modern Britons, just a few weeks away from marrying.

"I'm Muslim and she is Catholic but all that mattered was that we loved one another. Just the effort to bring together the families has been enormous. This rips the heart out of this dream. Everyone is looking at Asians and thinking 'terrorists' - it is so stupid. Muslims are not guilty here, some are victims, just like others are. I just want to find Benedetta. Please help."

Photos were also released yesterday of more presumed victims. Jenny Nicholson, 24, was travelling to work from Reading. A talented musician who recently graduated from Bristol University with an MA, she had just started work at a music publishing company.

She was last seen with her boyfriend shortly before the bombings. Her parents, the Rev Julie and Gregg Nicholson from Bristol, have travelled to London to search for their daughter.

The family of Stan Brewster, 52, a father of two from Derby who was travelling to work, fears he was caught in the blasts. His brother-in-law said: "There is nothing we can do but wait. We've rung round all the hospitals twice. We have spoken to police but there's nothing they can tell us."

Gamze Gunoral, 24, a student from Istanbul, left north London to go to her language college in west London. A friend said: "We have tried to ring her mobile lots of times. We don't have any idea where she could be."

Ania Brandt, 42, from Poland, was travelling from her home in Wood Green, north London, to a cleaning job in Hammersmith. Her brother said: "The police have just been to see me to take a sample of my DNA. I hope it is to prove Ania is lying injured in hospital."

Also from Poland, Karolina Gluck, 29, an IT student, said goodbye to her boyfriend at 8.30am on Thursday and has not been seen since. The administrative worker was travelling from Finsbury Park to Russell Square. Her twin sister Magda said: "We are really worried. We don't know what's happened to her. The worst thing is waiting for a phone call."

The wife of Adrian Johnson, 37, talked with him at 8am, as he approached King's Cross, on the overland train from his home in Newark. He was due to travel to his office near Haymarket in the West End.

Lee Baisden, 34, a London Fire Brigade accountant, is thought to have been travelling on the Circle line. Jon Downey, 34, travelled into Euston with his wife, and is now missing. William Wise, 54, who was heading to King's Cross, and David Foulkes, 22, a Guardian newspaper trainee from Manchester, have also not been seen since Thursday.