Honours: Diplomatic Service and Overseas List

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Order of the Bath

Companion (CB)

Cocks, Clifford Christopher, Counsellor, FCO.

Order of St Michael and St George

Knight Grand Cross (GCMG)

Manning, Sir David Geoffrey, KCMG, CVO, Lately HM Ambassador, Washington.


Hay, Ms Barbara Logan, CMG, MBE, HM Consul-Gen, Brit Consulate Gen, Istanbul.

Knight Commander (KCMG)

Stagg, Charles Richard Vernon, CMG, Lately dir gen Corporate Affairs, FCO.

Commander (CMG)

Daniel Hamish St, Douglas, Miss Janet Elizabeth, Lately hd of Consular Assistance Group, FCO. O'Sullivan, Michael Joseph, Lately Regional dir China, Br Ccl. Pocock, Dr Andrew John, HM Ambassador, Harare. Ryder, Michael, Dep hd of Mission, Brit Embassy, Kabul. Smith, Miss Katherine Lucy, Lately Dep hd of Mission, Brit Embassy, Tehran.

Order of the British Empire

Knight Commander (KBE)

Richmond, David Frank, CMG, Lately dir gen, Defence and Intelligence, FCO. Wing-cheung Tang, David, OBE, For charitable serv in the UK and Brit intrsts in Hong Kong.

Commander (CBE)

Caruana, Bishop Charles, For charitable serv in Gibraltar. Ellis, Prof Richard Salisbury, For serv science. Flockhart, Alexander Andrew, For serv Brit busnss and charitable intrsts in Mexico.

Officer (OBE)

Asherson, Jonathan, For serv Brit comml and wider intrsts in Singapore and South East Asia. Bailey, Ms Glenda Adrianne, For serv Brit jrnism and Brit fashion in the USA. Blewitt, Mrs Mary Kayitesi, For serv the survivors of the Rwandan genocide in Rwanda and the UK. Brooks, Martin John, For serv security and stability in South Serbia. Courtney, Rohan Richard, For serv Anglo-Aust rels. Damm, Frank Philip, First sec, FCO. Drake, David Allen, First sec, FCO. Gollogly, Dr James Gregory, For surgical/med assistance to hndcppd children and acid burn victims in Cambodia. Hill, Eric Gordon, Author and Illustrator of Spot. For serv children's literacy. Kolar, Vit, For serv BBC World Service Radio Broadcasting in the Czech Republ. McGreal, Dr Shirley, For serv the protection of primates. Pike, Andrew Kerry, Consul (Northern Ireland), Brit Consulate Gen, New York. Ramsay, Paul Andrew, MBE, First sec, Brit Consulate Gen, Istanbul. Reuter, Carl Henry, Lately Br Ccl dir, Libya. Sharif, Ms Abda Parveen, Lately Legal Adviser, Brit Embassy, Baghdad. Williams, Richard Knight, First sec, FCO. Wood, Dr Christopher Harald, For serv hlthcare in East Africa. Yon, Mrs Ethel Caroline, MBE, Dep ch sec, St. Helena.

Member (MBE)

Aston, Dr David Gwyn, For serv landmine victims, amputees and other disabled people in Cambodia. Bothwell, John Bryan, For serv the commty and the fin ind in the Cayman Islands. Coles, Mrs Patricia Mary Bernadette, Acting First sec, FCO. Corby, Mrs Patricia Rosemary, For serv UK/Holy See rels. Corker, Ms Jennifer Joan, For serv the publ and private sectors and to civil soc in St. Helena. Crighton, Rex Herbert Hughes, JP, For serv the devel of the Cayman Islands and charitable intrsts. Dean, Hubert Eugene, Lately commr of Corrections, Bermuda. Dudley, Trevor Kenneth, For serv children's sports and hlth educ in Uganda. Ferro, James Joseph, Lately Capt of the Port of Gibraltar. Gilchrist, Ms Jean, For serv animal welf in Kenya. Howard, Gordon Thomas, For serv the elderly in Zimbabwe. Howard, Mrs Katharine, For serv the elderly in Zimbabwe. Hughes, Elvet Macmurtry, For serv educ and charitable intrsts in Anguilla. Lamburne, Robert John, UK dir of Forensic Services, Iraq. For serv policing in Iraq. Li, Ms Lynn, Sen Commercial Offr, Brit Trade and Cultural Office, Taiwan. Maloney, Miss Mary, Second sec, FCO. Mitchell, Dr Lawrence Hood, For serv commty devel in Nigeria. Mohiud-Din, Dr Fouzia Murtuza, For serv Brit pilgrims on the Hajj pilgrimage. Mohiud-Din, Dr Syed Mustafa, For serv Brit pilgrims on the Hajj pilgrimage. Pockett, Ms Alison Suzanne, Lately pres, Brit Chamber of Commerce in Japan. For serv the Brit Chamber of Commerce and charitable intrsts in Japan. Reeves The Reverend Donald St, Shear, Ms Evelyn Terry, Vice Consul, UK Trade and Investment, Brit Embassy, Washington. Tarplee, Adam John, First sec, FCO. Vipass, Ms Helen Marie, For charitable serv families and children in crisis in Latvia. Stone-Wigg, Ms Jennifer Mary, For serv the destitute and disabled in Bosnia Herzegovina. Wolfenden, Ms Anne, Second sec, FCO. Zuill, Cummings Vail, For serv charitable intrsts in Bermuda.