Honours: Order of the British Empire - MBE Shearman to Youssouf

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Order of the British Empire

Member (MBE)

Shearman, Mrs Susan, Foster Carer, Cumbria. For serv Children and Families. Shelley, David, Dep hd of Building, National Trust. For serv Heritage. Shepherd, The Reverend Canon Ernest John Heatley, For serv the commty in Northern Ireland. Shooter, Barry, commty Pharmacist. For serv Pharmacy. Simpson, Mrs Shirley Eva, Accommodation mgr, Service Delivery Group, Dept of Agriculture and Rural Development, Northern Ireland exec. Sindall, Peter Robert, Founder, Onward Enterprises. For serv People with Learning Disabilities in Norfolk. Singh, Malkit, For serv Punjabi Music. Smith, Brian, Sec, Association of Scottish Neighbourhood Watches. For serv commty Safety. Smith, Ms Diane Elizabeth, Hostel mgr, Look Ahd. For serv Homeless People in Westminster, London. Smith, Graham Ernest, Planning dir of English, Welsh and Scottish Railways. For serv the Rail Freight ind. Sandford-Smith, Dr John Henry, For serv Blind People in Developing Countries. Smith, Mrs Joyce, For serv Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol. Smith, Mrs Kristeen, For serv the commty in West Stirlingshire. Smith, Robert, Sec, Local Govt Boundary Commn for Scotland. For serv Local Govt. Aynsley-Smith, Mrs Sheila, Dir of Student Services, Manchester Metropolitan Univ. For serv Higher Educ. Lady Spicer, Winifred Douglas, Vice-pres, Weldmar Hospice Trust. For charitable serv in West Dorset. Splevins, Mrs Beryl, Lately Educ mgr, HM Prison Frankland, Durham. For serv Educ. Spouse, Mrs Margaret Wilson, For serv the commty in Duns, Berwickshire. Sprague, Mrs Kathleen Muriel, For serv Coldharbour Working Wool Museum, Devon. Squire, Jonathan Emmanuel Nii Adja, Convenor, Ethnic Minorities Law Centre Board of Dirs. For serv commty Relations in Glasgow. Stanger, William, For serv the commty in Orkney. Steele, Dr Christopher, For serv Gen Medical Practice and to Broadcasting. Steer, Harold, For serv the commty in Portslade, Brighton. Stephenson, Stuart, For serv Lincolnshire's Lancaster Association. Stewart, William John, Chef de Mission, Commwlth Games. For serv Sport in Northern Ireland. Storey, Gerry, For serv Boxing in Northern Ireland. Storey, Ronald Edward, For serv the R Air Force Association in Somerset. Sugarhood, Miss Marilyn Elaine, For serv Great Ormond Street Hospital, London. Sullivan, Philip James, For serv commty Safety in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Surtees, Alan, For serv Young People through The Duke of Edinburgh's Award. Sweeney, Mrs Christina, Sen exec Offr, Debt Centre, Trafford, Dept for Work and Pensions. Sykes, Mrs Isobel, Retained Crew mgr, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service. For serv Local Govt. Talwar, Amajit, Chief exec, Punch Records. For serv the Music ind and to the commty in the West Midlands. Tate, Leonard William, Chair, The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust Cardiology User Group and vice-pres of Heartbeat, East Suffolk. For serv Healthcare. Tate, Dr Peter Howard Lovel, For serv Gen Medical Practice. Taylor, Frederick James, For serv Angling. Taylor, Rodney George Gordon, mgg dir, Seaward Electronic Ltd and Chair, Aspire Campaign. For serv Business in the North East. Thacker, Gunvant Jeshavantray, For serv the commty in North West London. Thomas, The Reverend Harald Daniel, For serv the commty in Torfaen, South East Wales. Spencer-Thomas, The Reverend Canon Owen Robert, For serv the Church of Eng and to the commty in Cambshire. Thomas, Mrs Wendy Elizabeth, JP, For serv the Administration of Justice in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Thompson, Alastair, Dir, Logistical Services, Met Pol Service. For serv the Police. Thompson, Mrs Dorothy, School Crossing Warden, North Shields. For serv Educ. Thoms, Miss Lisbeth Margaret, For serv Conservation in Scotland. Thornley, John Francis, BEM, Grade C1, MOD. Thornley, John Michael, For serv Educ in the Isle of Man. Tighe, Miss Margaret, Sen Offr, Internal Investigations, HM Revenue and Customs. Tissiman, John Joseph, Chair, Edward Pryor and Son Ltd and vice-pres, Engineering Employers' Federation. For serv Engineering in South Yorkshire. Todd, Mrs Sarah June, For serv the commty in West Dunbartonshire. Tomlin, Dr Delma, For serv the Arts in Yorkshire. Tordoff, Jack Crossley, For serv Business and to Sport in Bradford. Town, Mrs Norma, For serv the commty in Darlington, Cnty Durham. Trainor, Mrs Doreen Ann Temple, For serv Nursing in West Lothian. Trebilcock, Norman Alan, For serv the South Western Ambulance Service and to the Front Line Emergency Equipment Trust. Treherne, Bryan Leslie, For serv Internat Trade and to the commty in Croydon, Surrey. Tremlett, Mrs Julia Mary Victoria, DL, For serv the commty in Devon. Tuck, Grenville, Caretaker, Coombe Hill Infant and Junior Schools, Kingston-upon-Thames. For serv Educ. Turner, Mrs Shirley Ann, Lately Strategic Planning Offr, Hampshire Cnty Ccl and Chair, Educ Building Development Offrs' Group. For serv Local Govt. Tyson, Roy, Dir of Facilities and Commercial Development, Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. For serv the NHS. Vale, Mrs Lucy, School Crossing Warden, Dorridge, West Midlands. For serv Educ. Vaughan, Mrs Barbara Ann, For serv Health and to the commty in Tackley, Oxfshire. Vincent, Mrs Kathryn Elizabeth, For serv the Children's Internat Summer Villages. Vinson, Robert James, Detective ch insp, Kent Police. For serv the Police. Vizard, Mrs Sheila, Lately hd, South Acton Children's Centre, Ealing, London. For serv Children and Families. Wadkin, David, Vice-Chair of Governors, Oakwood Technology College, Rotherham. For serv Educ. Walker, David James, Construction dir, Bowmer and Kirkland Ltd. For serv the Construction ind in the East Midlands. Walker, Mrs Maureen, For serv the commty in Eaglesham, Glasgow. Wall, Lawrence John, Delivery Centre mgr (Gloucester) E.ON Central Netwks. For serv Flood Rescue. Walsh, James Norman Culbert, For serv Bee Keeping in Northern Ireland. Walton, Robert William, For serv the Hospitality ind. Ward, Mrs Elizabeth, For serv Deaf and Hard of Hearing People in Northern Ireland. Owen-Ward, John Richard, For serv the City of London Corporation. Wardrop, Stuart McLean, TD, For serv the Children's Hearings System in Scotland. Warrick, Mrs Diane Teresa, Nursery Nurse, Millbank Primary School, Westminster, London. For serv Early Years Educ. Waters, Brian Edward, For serv Maritime Engineering and to Coastal Defence in West Sussex. Watters, Mrs Ann Margaret, Chair, Kirkcaldy Civic Society. For serv Heritage in Fife. Watterson, Mrs Vivien Rosemary, District Business mgr, London Traffic Prosecution Service, Crown Prosecution Service. Waving, Mrs Shirley, Teaching asst, St. Mary's Primary School, Lewisham, London. For serv Educ. Weightman, Colin, For serv Bee Keeping. Wheatley, Mrs Susan, Detective ch insp, Hertfordshire Constabulary. For serv the Police. Whitbourn, Anthony, Foster Carer, York. For serv Children and Families. Whitbourn, Mrs Wendy, Foster Carer, York. For serv Children and Families. White, Ian Maurice, For charitable serv. White, James Robert, For serv Nature Conservation in Dorset. White, John Raymond, For serv Squash in Derbyshire. White, Mrs Roslyn Marise, For serv 1st Sandleheath Sea Scout Group and Hampshire Scout Caving Club. Whittaker, Mrs Jean, For serv George Eliot Hospitals NHS Trust. Wilcoxson, Neil, For serv the Coal ind. Willcox, Mrs Joanne Lesley, Founder, Jo Malone. For serv the Beauty ind. Williams, David John, QFSM, For serv St. John Ambulance Brigade in Wales. Williams, Mrs Janet, Educ mgr, HM Prison Highpoint, Newmkt, Suffolk. For Services to Educ. Williams, John, DL, Leader, Darlington Borough Ccl. For serv Local Govt. Williams, John Thomas, exec hd Chef, The Ritz and Chair, Academy of Culinary Arts. For serv the Hospitality ind. Williams, Mrs Marjorie, For serv Heritage and to the commty in Guildford. Williamson, Miss Carolyn, Sec, Brit Association for Women in Policing. For serv the Police. Wilson, Andrew Robert, First Call Operative, National Grid. For serv Flood Rescue. Wilson, Miss Christine, Lately hd of Courts Administration Durham, HM Courts Service. Wilson, Edward, Lately Street Cleaner. For serv Local Govt in the City of Westminster. Wilson, Stephen, For publ serv. Winner, Mrs Dorothy May, School Catering asst and Cleaner, Northgate High School, Norfolk. For serv Educ. Wise, Michael John, For serv Julia's House Children's Hospice and to the commty in Dorset. Wolland, Nigel Leonard Robert, Chief Engineer, Odeon Leicester Square. For serv the Film ind. Wood, Mrs Patricia Ann, For serv Animal Welfare in North Staffordshire. Wood, Thomas Holmes, Chair, Ripon Select Foods Ltd. For serv the Food ind and to the commty in Ripon, North Yorkshire. Wood, William David, Higher exec Offr, The Pension Service, Dept for Work and Pensions. Woodcock, The Reverend Carolyn, Chaplain, HM Prison Lancaster Castle. Woods, Adrian, Project mgr, Pit Stop 2000 Ltd., Halifax. For serv Disadvantaged Young People. Woodside, Mrs Kathleen, For serv the War Widows' Association. Wootten, Mrs Veronica, Trustee, Birmingham R Inst for the Blind, and Chair of Governors, Queen Alexandra College, Birmingham. For serv Further Educ. Wrighton, Mrs Janet Lilian, Dir for Europe, Internat Federation of Netball Associations. For serv Sport. Wycherley, Dr Julia Trea Margaret, For serv Amphibian and Reptile Conservation. Wykeham, Dr John Martin, For serv the National Portrait Gallery. Wynne, Mrs Nancy Patricia, For serv Staffordshire Police. Yao, Ms Betty, Programme dir, Asia House. For serv Asian Arts and Culture. Yearsley, Keith, For serv the commty in Macclesfield, Cheshire. Young, John William, For serv the commty in South Yorkshire. Young, Keith, For serv the Publishing ind. Youssouf, Ayyub, Sen exec Offr, Jobcentre Plus, Dept for Work and Pensions.