In art, you have to kick a few ideas around

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The room is filled with hundreds of multi-coloured balls that can be kicked across the floor. A lift plays a soundtrack that rises in volume to an ear-shattering climax when it reaches the top floor. Visitors walk out of the lift into a room where 10 sheets of paper coloured in with marker pens hang on the wall.

These bold works of art form the artist Martin Creed's first solo exhibition since he won the Turner Prize in 2001 for The lights going on and off .

The final piece in the exhibition, which opened at a London gallery yesterday, reprises this theme somewhat, comprising a neon sign reading "LOVE".

Creed described his art yesterday as a "live theatrical experience", saying that he wanted the interaction between his work and the viewers to be integral. "I want an artwork to be alive, for people to interact with it ... people are a necessary part of the whole thing," he said.

The lift sound sculpture, which Creed had been planning for more than a year, features a four-part sung harmony, whose tone rises and falls in line with the lift. The 750 balls in the exhibit Work No.370: Balls were bought from London, the US and the Far East and are all different.

His work will show at Hauser & Wirth gallery in London until 30 October.