Jury nobbling probed in burglar death trial

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Claims that the jury which convicted farmer Tony Martin of murdering a teenage burglar was intimidated were today referred to the police and Crown Prosecution Service.

Martin's solicitors said it had been alleged that a juror called a Norfolk radio station this morning claiming they had been threatened.

Solicitor Michael Ballinger added that if the claims prove to be true and the call was genuine it would overturn the guilty verdict and the life sentence imposed on Wednesday at Norwich Crown Court.

He has asked for an investigation to take place and was in touch with lawyers from Radio Broadland, he added.

Mr Ballinger said: "Someone claiming to be a juror phoned Radio Broadland this morning and I have heard unconfirmed reports about what they were supposed to have said.

"The jist of it seems to be that there was some sort of threat or intimidation to the jury.

"We don't know if this is a genuine call or a hoax, or if this was precisely what was said."

Radio Broadland said that the call was not broadcast and their lawyers were preparing a statement due later.

Security of the jurors had been an issue throughout the trail, particularly as it emerged that there was reportedly a £60,000 bounty on Martin.