Last post for mailmen as gulls swoop to conquer

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The birds have been causing havoc in Highbridge, Somerset, where they have knocked one startled postman off his bike and forced another to run for cover.

But last week, when a postwoman ran the gauntlet, where the gulls are raising their chicks, the birds left her alone. Now postwomen are being used to work the round, as the males swap to "safer areas".

The regular postman had reported that the gulls had dive-bombed his head when he had tried to deliver to particular houses. His suspicious manager visited the streets where he was also attacked and had to beat a hasty retreat as the gulls swooped on him.

A Royal Mail spokesman said: "I think the manager thought he might be telling a tall story but whenever we get a report like this we do a health and safety risk assessment. The manager got knocked off his feet and isn't quite as mocking any more. He had to make a run for it, after falling.

"Strangely though, when a woman did the same round last week they took no notice at all. They don't seem to see her as a threat. We're going to try to keep her on that round until the seagulls calm down a bit."