Lone protester spends three hours on Palace gates

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A protestor managed to breach the security measures in place for President Bush's visit yesterday by climbing the gates of Buckingham Palace.

Lindis Percy, 61, spent nearly three hours atop the 20ft-high gates at the Palace where the US President will be staying during his trip. Mrs Percy, a grandmother and veteran peace campaigner from Hull, was making a stand against the reception the President is due to receive.

After mounting the gates shortly after 4pm, she unfurled a US flag emblazoned with the words "Bush Not Welcome". Her yellow jacket also bore words of protest. As Mrs Percy, a co-ordinator of the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB) UK, finally came down, police arrested her on suspicion of causing criminal damage and breach of the peace.

Preparations for the President's arrival continued throughout the protest, with the erection of a marquee decorated with a US flag. But the security breach is of concern to the police, who are bracing themselves for an onslaught of protests across the capital.

The incident was particularly embarrassing as images of the security breach were shown around the world. Mrs Percy's colleague Anni Rainbow said: "I think it was an excellent way of letting her voice be heard. But she'll be none too pleased at being arrested."