Magazine to offer worried bridegrooms advice for the big day

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Wedding magazines have long been essential reading for brides-to-be. Now men are to be offered their own version to help them prepare for the big day.

The publishers of Stag & Groom believe men want to play a bigger role, but feel excluded by what is offered on the news-stand. The first issue, on sale next week, promises to help men with the important matters that need to be addressed in the run-up to a wedding. Perdita Patterson, a founding editor of the magazine, said: "We have 11 pages dedicated to making speeches because we know that worries men a lot, plus others on what are the essential duties of the best man, the stag night, the honeymoon, and what to wear on the wedding day."

With such a range of topics, it begs the question as to what will follow in future issues. But Ms Patterson said there were plenty of ideas: "We will have regular features on the big issues because we only expect men to buy it once.

"But we will do each one from a different angle, plus things like fashion, which changes with the seasons, grooming and makeovers."

Ms Patterson claimed they would plug a big gap in the market: "Women have weddings covered but there are things about the big day that men want to know, and need to know."

Stag & Groom, published by Hanage Publishing, goes on sale next Thursday for £4.