Massow claims plot to remove him from ICA post

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Ivan Massow was said last night to be concerned about a plot to ease him out of the chairmanship of the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) after his recent attack on conceptual artists for producing "self-indulgent, craftless tat".

Mr Massow's comments, in an interview with The New Statesman, claimed the modern art community was in danger of "disappearing up its own arse". The ICA chairman, who said he had received hundreds of e-mails supporting his comments, now believes he has uncovered a secret meeting, which he accuses the institute's director, Philip Dodd, of organising in an attempt to remove him.

The meeting, which was apparently scheduled for next Tuesday, consisted of the 12-strong governing council and was inadvertently revealed to him by a council member, Mr Massow says.

As an ironic gesture, Mr Massow offered a toy water pistol to the ICA yesterday and said he wanted the institute to enter it for the Turner Prize under the title of Concept Gun.

Mr Dodd refused to comment last night on Mr Massow's allegations.