Minor British Institutions: The Bay City Rollers

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Shang a Lang! Most of those associated with the Bay City Rollers are either dead or pushing retirement age, but, almost 40 years after their heyday, the Rollers are still rolling.

The name is slightly different these days, though; never in the history of pop has one band been so plagued by legal wrangles, and partly for those reasons the surviving members now tour as Les McKeown's Legendary Bay City Rollers.

Les it was whose Ford Mustang knocked down and killed 75-year-old Mrs Euphemia Clunie in Edinburgh in 1974, marking the beginning of their slide into obscurity.

By the time their manager, Tam Paton, was convicted of gross indecency with teenage boys in the early 1980s, the tartan glory was long gone.

Yet they sold more than 70m records, had their own TV show and were compared to the Beatles before the arrival of punk rendered them obsolescent. A pity, as they had some nice tunes, such as "Bye, Bye, Baby" and "Give a Little Lov". Is it too much to hope for a Rollers revival?