Minor British Institutions: The 'Sport'

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The Daily Sport, or Daily Spurt, as its detractors would have it, has been around since 1991, and the Sunday Sport since 1986, and, despite the difficulties that have troubled the British newspaper industry, both are still going.

They feature the same salacious mix as ever, though probably ruder than in the past. In their heyday, the newspapers were celebrated for their front page stories which stretched credibility: "DONKEY ROBS BANK", "BUS FOUND BURIED AT NORTH POLE" and "WORLD'S UGLIEST WOMAN DIES AFTER LOOK IN MIRROR".

Not that many ugly women found their way into the Sport, which prides itself on a nipple count probably unsurpassed anywhere in the world; it was, after all, founded by David Sullivan.

The Sport titles' future apparently lies in it being a "tabloid for men" rather than what it says are the "feminised" Sun and Star. By the way, Neil Kinnock still hasn't sued over the Sport's claim that his grandparents were gay Martians...