Miscarriages of justice: How times change

Or maybe they don't. The disturbing parallels between 1974, and Gerry Conlon's conviction, and 2005, when he was 'completely exonerated'
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Gerry Conlon jailed for life for the IRA's Guildford pub bombings

* Britain hit by terrorist attacks

* Prevention of Terrorism Act, introduced after Guildford, allows longer detention of suspects

* Judges sit without juries in terrorist trials in Northern Ireland

* Judge-only courts rejected for Britain

* Ministers reject ID cards

* European Court of Human Rights criticises Labour government policy

* 15 years later, convictions quashed. Anti-terror laws cited for this injustice


Gerry Conlon yesterday. 'Completely exonerated' by an apologetic Tony Blair

* Britain fears terrorist attacks

* Anti-Terrorism Act allows for indefinite detention without trial for foreign terror suspects

* Judges sit alone in immigration appeals involving terror suspects

* More judge-only hearings proposed

* Ministers support ID cards

* Law lords criticise Labour government policy

* Even as Tony Blair apologises, he backs tougher anti-terror approach