New show at fireworks town that became an internet hit

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People in Oban were last night treated to a new fireworks display less than a month after a show in which all the rockets went up in 50 seconds became a viral internet sensation.

An explosively brief display gave the small town in Western Scotland a burst of world fame on 4 November, thanks to a video capturing the minute in which all the fireworks went off 20 times faster than intended due to a technical fault.

After the display gained two million views online, the company responsible promised a new five-minute show to conclude Oban's winter festival.

"We were obviously devastated when our carefully planned display for Oban quite literally went off with a bang and immediately held our hands up," said Martin Allen, operations manager at Edinburgh-based company Pyro1.

"However we've also been absolutely astounded by the way the display took the world by storm as well as been amazed by the positive response that the 50-second display received.

He said the new show was a homage to Oban.