New Year Honours: CBE

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Appleby, Prof James Louis John, National Dir for Mental Health and Prof of Psychiatry, Univ of Manchester. For serv Medicine. Arkley, Alistair Grant, Formerly Chair, Tees Valley Partnership. For serv Regeneration in the North East.

Barker, Prof David James Purslove, Prof of Clinical Epidemiology, Univ of Southampton. For serv Preventive Medicine. Chivers-Beesley, Mrs Edna, Sen Civil Servant, MOD. Bhakoo, Mrs Rekha, Headteach, Newton Farm Nursery, First and Middle School, Harrow, London. For serv Educ. Binney, Marcus Hugh Crofton, OBE, Founder and Presdt, SAVE Britain's Heritage. For serv Conservation of the Built Environment. Blundell, Prof Richard William, Prof of Economics, Univ College London. For serv Social Science. Wolfson de Botton, The Hon Janet Frances, For serv Art. Brack, Rodney, Ch exec, Horserace Betting Levy Board. For serv Horseracing. Braidwood, Dr Elizabeth Anne, Dir, Service Personnel Policy, Medical, MOD. Broadfoot, Prof Patricia, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Prof of Educ, Univ of Bristol. For serv Social Science. Broady, Dr Anthony, Formerly Headteach, Walker Technology College, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. For serv Educ.

Carmichael, Mrs Elizabeth Young, Head of commty Justice Services Division, Scottish exec. Carne, Thomas Charles, Chief Advisory Accountant, Solicitor's Office, HM Revenue and Customs. Clegg, Simon, OBE, Ch exec, Brit Olympic Association. For serv Sport. Clift, Prof Roland, OBE, Prof of Environmental Technology, Univ of Surrey; Formerly Commr, R Commn on Environmental Pollution. For serv the Environment. Cook, Alan Ronald, Ch exec, National Savings and Investments. Cridland, John Robert, Dep Dir-Gen, Confedn of Brit ind. For serv Business.

Davidson, Richard Colin Neil, Formerly Vice-Presdt, Dairy UK. For serv the Dairy ind. Dent, Ms Julie, Ch exec, South West London Strategic HA. For serv the NHS and the Health Emergency Services of London. Denton, Mrs Sylvia Ernestine, OBE, Presdt, R College of Nursing. For serv Healthcare. Doig, Alan, QFSM, Chief Fire Offr, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service. For serv the Fire and Rescue Service. Douglas, Dr Derek Jack, For serv Maggie's Centres Trust in Scotland.

Edmans, Laurence Michael, For serv Pension Reform. Edwards, Anthony Richard, Head, Buildings and Estates Management, Home Off.

Fairlamb, Prof Alan Hutchinson, Prof of Biochemistry, Univ of Dundee. For serv Medical Science. Fischer, Michael David, Presdt, RM plc. For serv Business and to Charity. Fletcher, Philip John, Dir-Gen, Water Services, Office of Water Services. Forsyth, Bruce Joseph, OBE, Entertainer and Television Presenter. For serv Entertainment.

Gale, Martin Frank, Vice-Presdt, Internat Forestry, UPM Kymmene Corporation. For serv Forestry. Galloway, Peter George, Headteach, Trinity Academy, Edinburgh. For serv Educ. Gibson, Alexander John Michael, For serv Food Safety in Scotland. Gilbert, Ms Christine, Ch exec, London Borough of Tower Hamlets. For serv Local Govt and to Educ. Goodfellow, Mrs Christine Joan, Dir, Payment Modernisation Programme, Dept for Work and Pensions. Grubb, John Leonard, Dep Dir, Transport Security and Contingencies, Dept for Transport.

Hall, Anthony William, Ch exec, R Opera House. For serv Opera and to Ballet. Harding, Mrs Hazel, Leader, Lancashire Cnty Ccl. For serv Local Govt. Hazell, Prof Robert John Davidge, Dir, Constitution Unit. For serv Constitutional Reform. Hendon, David Anthony, Head, Business Relations, Dept of Trade and Indust. Hendy, Peter Gerard, mgg dir, Surface Transport, Transport for London. For serv Public Transport and to the commty in London. Heycock, David Huw, Formerly Head of Serious Organised Crime Agency Implementation, Crown Prosecution Service. Hicks, Lester Blake, Head of Minerals and Waste Planning Division, Office of the Dep Prime Minr. Hilton, Colin, exec Dir, Children's Services, Liverpool City Ccl. For serv Educ. Hindley, Stephen Lewis, chm, Midas Group. For serv the Construction ind. Horrocks, John Christopher Stephenson, Sec-Gen, Internat Chamber of Shipping and Internat Shipping Federation. For serv the Shipping ind. Howarth, Robert Ian, Ch exec, Macmillan City Technology College, Middlesbrough, Cleveland. For serv Educ. Humphris, Ms Penelope Joan, Formerly Dir, NHS Leadership Centre. For serv the NHS.

Johnston, Alan John, mgg dir, Westland Helicopters Ltd. For serv the Defence and Aviation Industries. Johnston, Mrs Rotha Geraldine Diane, For serv ind in Northern Ireland.

Knowles, Robin, QC, For serv Pro Bono Legal Services.

Lamb, Ms Emma Harriet, exec Dir, Fairtrade Foundation. For serv Business. Lauerman, Michael Werner, Formerly Dir, Looked After Children's Taskforce, Dept for Educ and Skills. Lawton, Prof Vincent Michael, Presdt, Association of the Brit Pharmaceutical ind and mgg dir of Merck Sharp and Dohme. For serv the Pharmaceutical ind. Lishman, Arthur Gordon, OBE, Dir-Gen, Age Concern. For serv Older People. Livingston, Prof Alan George, DL, Principal, Univ College Falmouth and Chair, Combined Universities in Cornwall Steering Group. For serv Higher Educ.

MacPherson, Ms Agnes Lawrie Addie Shonaig, Chair, Scottish Ccl for Development and ind. For serv Entrepreneurship. Mansel, Prof Robert Edward, Prof of Surgery, The Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff Univ. For serv Medicine. Matchett, Ms Marion Jean, Chief Insp, Educ and Training Inspate, Dept of Educ, Northern Ireland exec. McDonald, James Oliver, LVO MBE DL JP, For serv the commty in Northern Ireland. McKee, William Stewart, Ch exec, R Group of Hospitals Trust. For serv to the NHS in Northern Ireland. McLeod, Prof Malcolm Donald, Prof of African Studies, Univ of Glasgow. For serv Educ and to Museums. Mellor , Hugh Salusbury, Chair, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfshire Wildlife Trust. For serv Nature Conservation. Millar, Graeme Stewart, Chair, Scottish Consumer Ccl. For serv Consumers in Scotland. Miller, John Harmsworth, For serv Architecture. Mills, Alan Ronald, OBE, Wimbledon Tennis Championship Referee. For serv Sport. Moffatt, Prof Christine Joy, Prof of Nursing, CRICP, Thames Valley Univ and Nurse Consultant, St George's Hospital, London. For serv Healthcare. Morrison, Robert Ivor Moss, Formerly Assistant Dir, Dept of the Dir of Public Prosecutions for Northern Ireland. Moss, Dr Fiona Mary, Postgraduate Dean and Consultant Physician, NWLH NHS Trust, London. For serv Medicine.

Naughton, Miss Mary Katherine, Chief Nurse, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. For serv the NHS.

Palmer, Miss Caroline Ann, Ch exec Offr, The R Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. For serv the NHS. Palmer, Prof Norman Ernest, Chair, Illicit Trade Advisory Panel and Treasure Valuation Committee. For serv Art and to Law. Palmer, Richard William, OBE, Technical Dir. For serv the London 2012 Olympic Bid. Pomeroy, Brian Walter, Audit Commr and fmrly Chair of Centrepoint and of Homeless Link. For serv Local Govt and to Homeless People.

Savage, John Christopher, exec Chair, Business West. For serv Business and to Regeneration in the South West. Scott, Andrew John, Head, National Railway Museum, York. For serv Museums. Scott, David, Formerly Dep Ch exec and mgg dir, Channel 4. For serv Broadcasting. Seaman, Mrs Beryl, JP, Chair, South Yorkshire Probation Board. For serv the National Probation Service. Sherlock, David Christopher, Chief Insp and Ch exec, Adult Learning Inspate. For serv Lifelong Learning. Short, Cherry, Commr, Commn for Racial Equality. For serv Equal Opportunities in Wales. Snow, Peter John, Journalist and Presenter. For serv Broadcasting. Stegmann, Graham, Dir and Strategic Adviser to The Management Board, Dept for Internat Development. Stevens, David Frederick, QPM, Formerly Ch Const, Essex Police. For serv the Police. Stirling, Prof William James, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Univ of Durham. For serv Science. Stott, The Rev Dr John Robert Walmsley, For serv Christian Scholarship and the Christian World. Sutherland, David, Chair, The Tulloch Group. For serv Business and to Charity in Scotland.

Tapper, Ms Judette, Headteach, Stockwell Park High School, Lambeth, London. For serv Educ. Thompson, Ms Ila Dianne, Ch exec, Camelot Group plc. For serv Business. Tom, Peter William Gregory, For serv Business and to Sport in Leicestershire. Townsend, Brig Ian Glen, Dir-Gen, R Brit Legion. For serv Ex-servmen and Women. De Trey, Ms Marianne, Potter. For serv the Arts.

Ward, Douglas John, mgg dir, Argent Group, Europe. For serv Agriculture in Scotland. Watson, Philip Stuart, Ch exec, Blackburn with Darwen Borough Ccl. For serv Local Govt. Whiteread, Ms Rachel, Sculptor. For serv Art. Wickstead, Myles, Head of Secretariat, Commn for Africa, Dept for Internat Development.