New Year Honours: Diplomatic Service and Overseas List

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Knights Bachelor

May, Judge Richard George, Formerly Judge at the Internat Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

Order of St Michael and St George

Knight Grand Cross (GCMG)

Wall, Sir John Stephen, KCMG, LVO, Head of European Secretariat, Cabinet Office.

Knight Commander (KCMG)

Cowper-Coles, Sherard Louis, CMG, LVO, HM Ambassador, Riyadh. Green, Gregory David, CMG, Dir gen, Br Ccl.

Commander (CMG)

Atkinson, James Oswald, HM Ambassador, Kinshasa. Dixon, Henry Joly, Formerly dir, Dirate-Gen for Economic and Financial Affairs, European Commn. Fitton, David John, Dep hd of Mission, Ankara and fmrly Acting Consul-Gen, Istanbul. Greer, Adrian, Br Ccl dir, Russia. Korner, Ms Joanna Christian Mary, QC, Formerly Sen Prosecuting Counsel, Internat Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. McCredie, Ian Forbes, OBE, Counsellor, Brit Embassy, Washington. O'Neil, William Andrew, Formerly Sec-Gen, Internat Maritime Organisation. Pringle, Mrs Anne Fyfe, HM Ambassador, Prague. Richmond, David Frank, UK Special Representative for Iraq. Segar, Christopher Michael John, Head of Brit Office, Baghdad.

Order of the British Empire

Dame Commander (DBE)

Glover, Mrs Audrey Frances, CMG, Formerly hd of UK Delegation to the UN Commn on Human Rights. Gordon, The Hon Pamela Felicity, For publ serv, Bermuda.

Knight Commander (KBE)

Leggett, Prof Anthony James, For serv physics.

Commander (CBE)

Franklin, Frederic, For serv ballet. Gillings, Dennis Barry, For serv UK-US rels in the pharmaceutical sector. Leventis, Anastasios Paul, For serv conservation and the environment overseas, especly in Nigeria. Pizarello, Judge Felix Ernest, Formerly of the Supreme Court, Gibraltar. Ward, Graham Norman Charles, For serv expts.

Officer (OBE)

Asir, Dr Mutei Khaled, For serv med care in the West Bank. Awan, Mrs Nighat Banu, For serv charities and to food expts. Badenoch, James Alexander, For serv charities in Mexico. Begbie, James Alexander, Formerly Dep Consul-Gen, Istanbul. Birch, David Maitland, For serv UK-North American rels. Robertson-Booth, Mrs Dinah Katherine Margaret, Dep dir Human Resources, Br Ccl. Brand, Douglas, Dep ch Constable, ch Police Adviser to the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior. Burgess, David John, For serv UK busnss intrsts and to the lcl commty in Guyana. Carney, Mark Gerard, Hon Consul, Cancun, Mexico. Clissold, Sean Dominic, First sec and Consul, Ankara and fmrly Acting Sen Management Offr, Consulate-Gen, Istanbul. Covington, Lawrence Arthur, Detective Superintendent, Adviser to the FCO on law enforcement in the Caribbean Overseas Territories and Bermuda. Cunningham, Dr Keith Courtenay, For serv med in Bermuda. Day, Barry, For serv Brit cultural intrsts in the USA.

Edwards, Dr Christine Haswell, For serv med, especly obstetric care for disadvantaged women, in Bangladesh. Ellick, Mrs Sylvia Ivy, For publ serv, St. Helena. Elliott, Geoffrey, For charitable serv in the UK and overseas. Franklin, Robert Keyworth, exec vice-pres for the Americas, VisitBritain. Hodgkinson, Frank Peter, Dir, Centre for Capital Punishment Studies, Westminster Univ Law School. For serv the promotion of human rights. Horsfield, Sister Gillian, For serv commty hlth care in Kenya. James, William Graham, For serv expts. Joseph, Mrs Sarah, For serv inter-faith dialogue and to the promotion of women's rights. Kingdom, David George, First sec, Brit Embassy, Ankara, attached to Consulate-Gen, Istanbul.

Lumsden, Mrs Sheila Anne, Dep dir Scotland, Br Ccl. Lyle, Norman, For serv UK-Hong Kong comml rels. Manby, Ms Bronwen, For serv human rights, especly in Nigeria. Osborne, Edmond Karney Richardson, MBE, For serv the commty, Montserrat. Pankhurst, Prof Richard Keir Pethick, For serv Ethiopian studies. Park, Nigel Lennox Crawford, Formerly sec to the NATO polit Committee. Rawlins, Philip Michael, Counsellor, FCO. Rogers, David Alan, Counsellor, FCO. Runnicles, Donald Cameron, Music dir, San Francisco Opera. Saunders, Dr Liane, Regional Co-ordinator, Coalition Provisional Authority North, Iraq. Scott, Richard Walter, MBE, For serv ex-servmen and their widows in Cameroon. Short, Geoffrey Martin, For serv UK comml intrsts and to the lcl commty in the Philippines. Smart, Lt Col John Bodington, For serv rural communities in Nepal. Stewart, Roderick James Nugent, Dep Governorate Co-ordinator, Dhi Qar, Iraq.

Thomson, Mark Cameron Angus, Sec Gen, Association for the Prevention of Torture. For serv the promotion of human rights. Webber, Michael John, First sec, FCO. Winter, Michael Paul, Dep dir Japan, Br Ccl. Wood, Dr John Battersby, Formerly UK Governor, Commwlth Foundation. Wood, Michael, Vice-Consul, Brit Consulate-Gen, Istanbul.

Member (MBE)

Alderson, Christopher John, For serv UK busnss intrsts in Japan. Aleksic, Ivan, For serv the promotion of democracy in Serbia and Montenegro and to UK-Serbia and Montenegro rels. Hasan-Al Banna, Sharif Muhammad, For serv inter-faith dialogue and to the FCO Hajj Advisory Group. Bicarregui Garay, Javier Francisco, For serv UK busnss intrsts, the Brit commty and charities in Spain. Booth, David John, For serv sustainable rural devel in East Bali, Indonesia. Bowden, Christopher John, Second sec, Brit High Commn, Maputo. Byrne, Mrs Agnes Mary, Member of staff of Brit Embassy, Dublin.

Chinn, Mrs Jean, Formerly Headteach, Sao Lourenco Internat School, Algarve, Portugal. Corbett, Brian Grant, Second sec, Brit Embassy Quito. Bodden-Cowan, Mrs Sherri Ann, For publ serv, Cayman Islands. Cox, Mrs Susan Jane, For serv disadvantaged communities in rural Swaziland. Cross, Mrs Linda Mary, HM Consul-Gen, Ekaterinburg. Diver, Miss Ruth, Formerly attached to Coalition Provisional Authority, Iraq. Dowdney, Luke Thomas, For serv the prevention of child exploitation and violence in Brazil. Duncan, Mrs Hilary Merle, For serv devel, especly educ, in Yunnan province, China.

Ellison, Mrs Lorraine, For serv expts. Ellul, Eric Charles, For serv the commty, Gibraltar. Fletcher, Charles Angus, For trg and consultancy serv the Hungarian media. Fowle, Mrs Angela Mary, Second sec, Brit Embassy, Algiers. Goldwin, Robert, For serv seafarers and the commty in Gibraltar. Guerrero, Mrs Marie Lou, For serv small busnss in Gibraltar.

Hamid, Mrs Fiona Frances, For serv the Brit and lcl communities in Sudan. Hansen, Mrs Diane, Formerly First sec, Brit High Commn, Kuala Lumpur. Carr-Hartley, Mrs Susan, For serv critical care nursing in Kenya. Holmes, Mrs Sarah, commty Liaison Offr, Brit Embassy, Ankara, fmrly attached to Consulate-Gen, Istanbul. Hooper, Thomas Edward John, For serv conservation of the marine environment around Rodrigues Island, Mauritius.

Jayson, Mrs Barbara Marion, For serv the lcl commty, especly mothers and children, and to the Brit commty in Indonesia. Jemmotte, Roosevelt Adolphus, Formerly Commanding Offr, R Montserrat Defence Force. For serv the commty, Montserrat. Jones, Adrian Darrell, IT systems designer. For serv the Brit and lcl communities in New York.

Kerr, Mrs Aileen Frances, For serv Brit war pensioners and ex-serv men and women in Ireland. Kerr, Ian James, For serv educ and the commty in Malaysia. Lakin, Roderick Alexander, Dir of Arts, R Over-Seas League. Lithgow, David, For serv ex-serv men and women in South Africa. Lyman, Richard Frank, Formerly Border Monitor, Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe Mission, Georgia. Marshall, Ms Fiona, Nurse, Brit Consulate-Gen, Istanbul. McManus, Miss Elizabeth Mary Ann, First sec (Nursing Offr), Brit High Commn, Islamabad. Meade, Ms Ann, Sec, Victim Support Ireland. Neale, John Harry Albert, Second sec Technical Works, Brit High Commn, Abuja. Paris, Alan, For serv single-handed sailing. Preston, Christopher Alton, For serv humanitarian relief in developing countries.

Ridley (Mrs Gibbons), Ms Clare Jane, For serv UK busnss intrsts in Japan. Ross, Colin Robert, For publ serv, Cayman Islands. Ruddell, Ms Patricia Deirdre, For serv educ and the commty in Trinidad. Searle, Dominique Jan, For serv jrnism in Gibraltar. Sym-Smith, Donald, For serv the Brit commty in Argentina. Smith, Dr Robert Langley, For serv educ in developing countries. Stevens, Mrs Gracia Adailia, For serv educ and the commty, Brit Virgin Islands.

Sturgeon, Miss Mary Nicol, Formerly Pers asst to UK perm Representative to NATO. Symes, Mrs Sheelah Mary Fay, For serv the commty and lcl charities in Kenya. Taggart, Mrs Patricia Ann, For serv the Brit commty in the North-Eastern USA. Timlin, Dr Mark, Country dir, HOPE Worldwide. For serv hlth care and educ in Afghanistan. Tullberg, Ms Diana Christine, For serv the promotion of the English language and to UK-Finnish rels. Turner, Ms Lorraine Ella, Assistant to Consul (Press and Public Affairs, Northern Ireland), Brit Consulate-Gen, New York. Upshon, Mrs Hilary Elizabeth (Dilly), First sec, FCO.

Victory, Ernest Joseph, For serv amateur boxing in Gibraltar and to charities in Gibraltar and the UK. Walker, Mrs Carol Anne, For serv Brit educ in Belgium. Ellis-Wharry, Mrs Gail Christine, Head of Young Learners' Centre, Br Ccl, Paris. Whitfield, The Rev Geoffrey Victor, For serv the promotion of inter-communal youth activities in Israel. Kinsey-Wightman, Ms Helen Louise, For serv Brit educ in the Philippines. Williams, Mrs Olive Maud, For publ serv, St Helena. Wilton, Mrs Dianne, For charitable serv in Southern Iraq.