New Year Honours: Order of the British Empire

Officer (OBE)
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Kelly, Desmond Hugh, Assistant dir, Birmingham R Ballet. For serv Dance. Kilmister, Claude Alaric Anthony, For serv Health and to the Prayer Book Society. Kinkaid, Samuel, For publ serv. Kissock, John Andrew, Joint mgg dir, James Jones and Sons. For serv Forestry. Knollys, The Viscountess Sheelin Virginia, DL, For serv the commty in Norfolk.

Kelly, Desmond Hugh, Assistant dir, Birmingham R Ballet. For serv Dance. Kilmister, Claude Alaric Anthony, For serv Health and to the Prayer Book Society. Kinkaid, Samuel, For publ serv. Kissock, John Andrew, Joint mgg dir, James Jones and Sons. For serv Forestry. Knollys, The Viscountess Sheelin Virginia, DL, For serv the commty in Norfolk.

Lamplugh, Paul Crosby, For serv The Suzy Lamplugh Trust. Langlois, Advocate John Emile, Formerly Peoples' Dep to the States of Guernsey. For serv the commty in Guernsey. Lattimore, Dr Colin Reginald, JP, For serv English Decorative and Applied Fine Arts and to the commty in Camb. Lawson, Mrs Lilian, Dir, Scottish Ccl on Deafness. For serv Deaf People. Leech, Dr Phillip Andrew, Principal Medical Offr for Primary Care, Dept of Health. Lendon, David Graham, Chair, Lincolnshire Business Educ Trust. For serv Educ. Leslie, David Ross, Service Development mgr, City of Edinburgh Ccl. For serv Local Govt. Levy, Mrs Dorothy Eva, Formerly Educal consult, Attention Deficit Disorders Information Services. For serv Special Needs Educ. Licence, Dennis, mgg dir, First Trust Bank. For serv Banking and to the commty in Northern Ireland. Lloyd, Miss Ceinwen Susan Jane, Branch mgr (Births and Deaths). Gen Register Office, Southport, Office for National Statistics. Lloyd, Thomas Paul, Grade 7, Disability and Carers Service, Dept for Work and Pensions. Luck, Ralph David, Dir, English Partnerships. For serv Urban Regeneration. Lythell, Mrs Jacqueline Elizabeth, Alderman, Brighton and Hove City Ccl. For serv the commty in Brighton and Hove.

Mackay, Gavin Anderson, MBE, Grade 7, Prime Minr's Office. Makepeace, Andrew, Project Sponsor, Parliamentary Estates Dirate, House of Commons. Maloney, Dr Michael, Freelance Photographer. For serv Photojrnism. Malynn, John, Team Leader, School Inspection and OFSTED Corporate Relations Unit, Local Authority Performance Division, Dept for Educ and Skills. Manners, Prof Gerald, Chair, Association of Charitable Foundations. For charitable serv. Marrable, Mrs Wendy Rita, Formerly Special Investigation Section Team Leader, Inland Revenue. Marsh, Brian Peter, For serv Business and to the Marsh Christian Trust in London. Marshall, John, Consultant, Marshall Construction. For serv the Construction ind and to the commty in Clackmannanshire. McBurney, Simon, Actor and Artistic dir, Theatre de Complicite. For serv Drama. McIver, Dr Norman Keith Ian, For serv Diving Safety. McKinley, Mrs Sheila Mary, Head, Producer Responsibility Unit, Waste Management Division, Dept for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. McManners, James Malcolm, Headteach, Cassop Primary School, Durham. For serv Educ. Mercer, Roger James, Formerly sec, R Commn on Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland. For serv Archaeology. Middleton, Prof Victor Thomas Charles, For serv Tourism. Mitchell, William Ian, For serv Housing in Scotland. Molyneux, Dr Peter Douglas, Chief exec Offr, Lionhd Studios. For serv the Computer Video Games ind. Montgomerie, Colin Stuart, MBE, For serv Golf. Morgan, The Rt Rev Alan Wyndham, For serv the commty in Nottinghamshire. Mould, Philip Jonathan Clifford, Hon Arts Adviser to the Houses of Parliament. Munn, Prof Charles William, Chief exec, Chartered Inst of Bankers in Scotland. For serv Banking.

Nassar, Dr Wadi Yusuf, For serv commty Relations in Manchester. Nicholson, Peter Andrew, Head, Newham Youth Offending Services. For serv Youth and commty Justice, London. Norcross, Derek, DL, For serv the commty in East Sussex. O'Connor, , Michael Anthony, Grade B2, MOD. Osman, Mrs Yvonne Margaret, Member, Scottish Legal Aid Board. For serv the Administration of Justice.

Palmer, Geoffrey, Actor. For serv Drama. Pasha, Dr Syed Abdul-Aziz, Founder, Union of Muslim Organisations. For serv Race Relations. Paterson, Dr John Gordon, Dep Chair, UK Screening Committee. For serv Cancer Screening. Payne, Frederick Charles Anthony, Formerly Gen mgr, Ordnance Survey, Office of the Dep Prime Minr. Pearson, David Lee, MBE, For serv Equestrianism and to Disabled Sport. Pexton, Anthony William Dunn, Formerly Chair, Sustainable LINK Programme Management Committee and Assured Combinable Crops. For serv Arable Agriculture. Pickles, Mrs Janet Dorothy, Cardiff Women's Safety Unit. For serv commty Safety in South Wales. Pitcaithly, Mrs Mary Laird, Chief exec, Falkirk Ccl. For serv Local Govt. Pollitt, Adrian Mark, Dir, Office of the Strategic Health Authorities. For serv the NHS. Pollock, Samuel David, For publ serv. Port, Colin Dunlop, Dep ch Constable, Norfolk Constabulary. For serv the Police. Pumfleet, Miss April Ann, Principal Insp (Development), Havering Local Educ Authority. For serv Educ.

Quigley, John James, Grade B1, MOD. Quinn, Stephen Bradley, Grade B1, MOD. Radford, Roger George, For serv the Church of Eng. Raistrick, Donald, Head, Knowledge and Information Resources Branch, Dept for Constitutional Affairs. Reading, David Michael Ronald, Founder, Anaphylaxis Campaign. For serv People with Allergies. Reiter, Mrs Shelia, Chair, WaterVoice Wessex. For serv the Water ind. Richards, Mrs Sheelagh Elizabeth, Sec and Ch exec, Brit Association of Occupational Therapists and College of Occupational Therapists. For serv Healthcare. Richardson, Mrs Margaret Ann, Curator, Sir John Soane's Museum, London. For serv Museums. Robbins, Nigel, Principal, Cirencester College, Gloucestershire. For serv Further Educ and to Training. Robertson, Miss Shirley Ann, MBE, For serv Sailing. Rogers, Kevin Peter James, Dir, HM Prison Dovegate, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. For serv the Contracted-Out Prison Service.

Sahota, Sarindar Singh, Chair, SRB 6 North West Corridors of Regeneration. For serv the commty in Handsworth, Birmingham. Sangwine, Anthony Paul, Specialist Adviser, Horticulture and Nature Conservation, Highways Agency. Saunders, Christopher Andrew, For serv Save the Children UK. Scales, Neil, Chief exec and dir gen, Merseyside Passenger Transport Authority and exec. For serv Public Transport. Scott, Robert Leslie, Formerly Acting dir, Museum of Science and ind, Manchester. For serv Museums. Scott, Robert William Lowry, DL, Formerly Chair, Forestry and Timber Association. For serv Forestry. Seaber, Stephen Francis, Chief Fire Offr, Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service. For serv the Fire Rescue Service. Sellers, Rodney Horrocks, For serv Business in the North West. Shulman, Miss Alexandra, Editor, Brit Vogue. For serv the Magazine ind. Singh, Mrs Pamela Minerva Odette, Formerly Headteach, Pope John Roman Catholic Primary School, Shepherds Bush, London. For serv Educ. Sizeland, Guy, Grade B2, MOD. Smith, David Ronald, Regional Home Off dir, Govt Office for the North West. Snell, Philip John, Grade 7, Special Educal Needs Policy Framework and Transition Team, Dept for Educ and Skills. Spiers, Ms Mary Arlene Anne, Chief exec, Ulster Cancer Foundation. For serv Healthcare. Spittle, Bernard Geoffrey, For serv Sports Administration. Stendall, Christopher Austin, Grade 7, Regeneration Sponsorship Division, Office of the Dep Prime Minr. Sterry, David William Edmund, Chief exec, May Gurney Integrated Services plc. For serv Civil Engineering. Stones, Mrs Angela Patricia, Headteach, McMillan Nursery School, Kingston-upon-Hull. For serv Early Years Educ. Stoppard, Peter, For serv the commty in the South West. Stott, Kenneth Graham, For serv the Willow ind in the South West. Sullivan, John Richard Thomas, Writer. For serv Drama.

Tasker, Mrs Stacey, Formerly Governor, HMPrison Leeds. Taylor, Anthony Bichard, Chair, Borders NHS Board. For serv the NHS and to Business in Scotland. Tebbit, Peter, National Palliative Care Development Adviser, National Ccl for Palliative Care. For serv Healthcare. Thomas, Leslie, Writer. For serv Literature. Thomas, cclr William Humphrey, Formerly Chair, Sandwell Mental Health NHS and Social Care Trust. For serv the NHS in the West Midlands. Thompson, Mrs Ling, Head of Internat Affairs, R Society. For serv Science. Tobias, Alan Sidney, Chair, Essex Probation Board. For serv the National Probation Service and to commty Relations. Townsend, Roger, Dep Field dir, Jobcentre Plus, Dept for Work and Pensions. Turner, John Colin, Chair, Advisory Committee on Packaging. For serv Waste Management.

Vaughan, Mark, Founder and Co-dir, Centre for Studies on Inclusive Educ. For serv Inclusion in Educ. Vinnicombe, Prof Susan Mary, Prof of Organisational Behaviour and Diversity Management, Cranfield School of Management. For serv Diversity. Visram, Sadru, Chair, ASRA Greater London Housing Association. For serv Social Housing. Vongas, George, Grade B2, Defence Science Technology Laboratory, MOD.

Walker, Ms Marjorie Henderson, Joint mgg dir, Walkers Shortbread Ltd. For serv Business and Exports. Walker, Michael, Formerly vice-Chair, NHS Lothian and Consul for Finland. For serv the NHS and to the commty in Edinburgh. Ward, Graham, Chair, National Farmers' Union Horticulture Board. For serv Horticulture. Warne, Ms Caroline Anne (Mrs Thomas), JP, Chair, Internat Standards Organisation's Committee on Consumer Policy. For serv Consumers. Waterman, Dr Peter Alan, Producer and Composer. For serv Music. White, Michael Reginald, Emeritus Fellow, Policy Studies Inst, Univ of Westminster. For serv Lab Market Policy. Whittaker, Prof David Keith, Prof of Forensic Dentistry, Univ of Wales College of Medicine. For serv Forensic Dentistry. Whittle, Dr Stephen Thomas, For serv Gender Issues. Wiggins, Bradley Marc, Cyclist. For serv Sport. Wilkinson, Tom, Actor. For serv Drama. Williams, John, QFSM, Firemast, Grampian Fire and Rescue Service. For serv the Fire Service. Wilson, John Goodall, Formerly Headteach, College House Junior School. For serv Educ and to the commty in Nottingham. Withey, Dr Winston Reginald, Technical dir, Centre for Human Sciences, QinetiQ. For serv the Armed Forces. Worthington, Mark, Pte sec to Lady Thatcher.