Nightclubs ban Prada trainers as 'yobbish'

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Nightclubs in Manchester, led by The Sugar Lounge, one of the city's top venues, have told doormen not to allow entry by people wearing expensive "hi-top" style leather trainers made by the company.

It follows the decision by some nightclubs in Leicester to ban customers wearing clothes that bear the distinctive Burberry check design, mainly because of its strong association with "chav" culture. Burberry has also stopped making baseball caps.

The Prada trainers, known at the Aviator range, sell for £149 and are part of a trend by top designer companies to produce high-fashion trainers, seen as a cross between "street" and boutique wear.

A spokeswomen for The Sugar Lounge, said the decision to ban such trainers had been made known to staff and members to maintain a strict door policy and discourage yobbism.

She said: "If customers are wearing normal clothes made by Prada, then of course there is no problem.''

Prada has not responded to the news.