'Our work is junk,' admit brothers tipped to win the Turner prize

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The artists Jake and Dinos Chapman - hotly tipped to win this year's Turner prize - got back to basics at the weekend when they took part in a seaside car boot sale.

A sealed box of their artwork, labelled "The Disasters of War", fetched a modest £500 at auction during the Vauxhall Car Art Rally and Boot Fair, as part of the Brighton Photo Biennial.

After the sale, Jake Chapman said: "We were keen to take part because some of our best ideas are inspired by car boot sales. Our work is junk."

Other artists taking part included Adam Chodzko, Rachel Lowe, Mike Nelson and Martin Parr.

The Chapmans are due to unveil a controversial new work at Tate Britain this week as part of the Turner prize exhibition. The bronze work, entitled Death, depicts a naked couple engaging in oral sex and using a vibrator. Awarning will be placedoutside the gallery doors to forewarn sensitive visitors.

Dinos Chapman said of their latest pieces for the Turner prize: "They are inanimate objects placed in a sterile environment for the entertainment of the masses. We think they're entertaining, thoughtful, beautiful, classical."

The other prize finalists are the potter Grayson Perry, whose vases depict paedophilia and terrorism, Anya Gallaccio and Willie Doherty.