Parents pay tribute to son killed in Iraq

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Another worker was injured in the incident on Thursday.

Mr Enright's parents, Gloria and Daniel, said they were very proud of their son, who left the paras last year after nine years. He continued to work in Iraq as a civilian

Mrs Enright said at their home in Exeter: "He did speak of the dangers, especially when he was in the paras in danger zones. But he felt safer while working as a civilian. I spoke to him the other day, and he said he was in an area where there had been no trouble."

Mr Enright had been going out with his girlfriend, Charlotte, for two years, his mother said. The family has lived in Exeter for the past 20 years where Mr Enright had been a pupil of Central Middle School. He had initially trained as a dental technician but then went into the services.

"He always wanted to be a para," his mother said. The couple have another son, Gary, 32, and a daughter, Jenny, 28. Mrs Enright said Stephen had been due to come home in February.

He had served in many of the world's danger spots, including Northern Ireland twice, Afghanistan and Macedonia.

Mrs Enright said they were waiting for his body to be flown home, adding that she hoped he would have a military funeral at nearby St David's Church.