Record year for plastic surgery

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Breast reductions for men helped push up the numbers of Britons going under the knife according to new figures. A total of 38,274 procedures were carried out in 2010 – up 5% on 2009 according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).

One of the biggest rises was for male breast reduction – to get rid of so-called "man boobs" – with 741 operations, up 28% on the previous year. Nose jobs topped the list for men – 993 operations (up 13%). Eyelid surgery made up 652 procedures (up 6%) and ear correction 496 (down 27%). There were 473 liposuctions (up 5%) and 263 neck and/or face lifts (up 11%) in men. Women had 90% of cosmetic work mostly for breast enhancements.