Six-year-old with IQ of 138 joins Mensa

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The average four-year-old may stare blankly ahead if questioned on their times tables, but not Chloe Bennion.

She liked nothing better than putting her parents through their paces with a few searching maths questions of her own.

The youngster, now six, who has an IQ of 138, becamethe youngest member yesterday of British Mensa, the organisation for the nation's most intelligent people. She is one of 26 members in the 27,000-strong club younger than 10. Her father Stuart, 29, a draughtsman from Wednesfield in the West Midlands, said: "When you talk to her it's like talking to an adult. She can be very bossy and likes to be the centre of attention. Sometimes my wife and I need a break and we leave her with a relative."