Snow forecast for three days as blizzards create drifts in Scotland

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A spell of wintry weather hit the UK yesterday, with the north of Scotland the worst affected. Forecasters are expecting up to three days of snow and strong winds, warning that hardly anywhere in Britain will escape.

Blizzard conditions struck the north of Scotland yesterday afternoon, with 100mph winds and snow combining to create dangerous driving conditions and drifting snow across the region.

Higher ground in Wales and across England also looks set to be among those areas worst hit. Snow fell across Scotland overnight as freezing weather coming in from the Arctic replaced the unseasonably warm weather from the west.

Forecasters predicted freezing temperatures last night. Gritting lorries have been out in force across Scotland and northern England and snowfall was reported in Aberdeen and Edinburgh while 100mph winds battered the Orkneys.

Staff at Glencoe's Clachaig Inn, in the Highlands, said snow had been falling all day. Miles MacLeod, a receptionist, said: "There's quite a thick layer outside - Glencoe looks really beautiful at the moment."

The UK's average temperature fell from a high of 16C (61F) on Saturday to 8C (46F) yesterday.

Rob Hutchinson, a forecaster with MeteoGroup UK, said "It's not the most severe weather but it is pretty nasty and people will certainly notice the difference."

The west coast of England and Wales can expect the worst snow at first, but by tomorrow, the snow will be worst in the north-east of England and East Anglia. The cold snap is expected to ease by Wednesday, although forecasters warn that it could last longer.