Squatters invade economist's home

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When squatters invaded the £1m home of New Labour's favourite capitalist, the multimillionaire investment banker Gavyn Davies, they must have thought they had hit the jackpot.

A Jacuzzi-style bath big enough for four and a designer garden are among the features of the listed building in north London.

The Regency house in Clerkenwell was, until recently, the main residence of Mr Davies, the chief economist at Goldman Sachs and the BBC's deputy chairman, his wife, Sue Nye, a personal assistant to the Chancellor, and their children.

The Davies family moved out for the house to be redecorated for sale, and it was briefly occupied by their friends, the former newspaper editors Sir Nicholas Lloyd and his wife Eve Pollard. Then the squatters moved in. One, Isma, a 24-year-old Brazilian, described the house as "lovely".

But the luxury may not last. Mr Davies, 49, has launched legal proceedings to evict them.