Surfers celebrate 50 years of riding the waves as Britain basks in hottest weekend of the year

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Britain is enjoying its sunniest and warmest weekend of the year. And not before time. In three weeks' time, the nights start drawing in again.

"Sunday is looking good around the country and we're expecting temperatures to reach up to 26C," said Andy Hobson, forecaster for the Met Office.

Thousands of people are expected to spend today at the seaside. For the nation's surfers, a decent wave forecast will also ensure the sea is packed full of board riders as Britain celebrates 50 years of the sport this summer.

Veteran Newquay surfer and former national champion Roger Mansfield will tomorrow publish a definitive history of the sport in Britain, entitled The Surfing Tribe, to coincide with the anniversary.

"There was no history of surfing in the UK before this book; no one had written it down," he said. "Over 50 years we've seen it move from a subculture to a mainstream sport."

Among the thousands of people grabbing their boards and heading for the ocean this weekend will be the author himself: "The sun is shining, the wind is offshore and there's a good swell. Perfect."