The arranged bride

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Theepa Sivagoyan, 24, a trainee solicitor, married Seyagugan Nalliah, 28, an analyst, last month

An arranged marriage was something my parents wanted and I didn't mind doing. If I didn't like someone, they wouldn't have forced me into it.

Seyagugan's family approached my family last year. It took us a few months, checking horoscopes and his caste. Then I met him. He was quite shy, but we got on quite well, so I said, "OK".

My day started at 3am. You get dressed and a beautician does your make-up; everything takes ages. We arrived at the venue in Potters Bar by 10am. There are two saris to wear; the second is a gift from the groom's side, which you wear for most of the day.

The service took several hours. Then we ate. My dad owns a restaurant, so we did the food; lots of curries.

You've got to get married at some stage, or people start talking. So if you find a good match, you might as well do it straight away. None of my friends are married. Their parents would like them to have an arranged marriage too, but they'll probably choose their own guys. I'm more orthodox.