The bikini that comes with a health warning

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The manufacturer of the Tan-Timer Bikini hopes that the swimsuit, which has an electronic timer that beeps every 15 minutes to remind its wearer to roll over or seek shade, will appeal to the 59 per cent of beachgoers who admit to a tendency to falling asleep in the sun.

With weather forecasters predicting a sweltering August across the UK, the £20 bikini is going on sale next week in New Look stores, the country's third biggest women's clothes retailer.

Hash Ladha, the marketing director of New Look, said: "As well as the health implication of over-exposing your skin to the sun, burnt or peeling skin is not a good look for the image conscious."

Ms Ladha said surveys suggested the majority of men found women with sunburnt skin unattractive: "We all witnessed the ultimate summer fashion faux pas when Jodie Marsh over-baked herself in the sun and ended up with nasty white peeling patches on holiday in the Caribbean, and with 56 per cent of men finding sunburnt peeling skin unattractive, we hope the Tan-Timer Bikini will help our customers avoid that mistake and feel confident when slipping on their summer dresses."

A New Look spokeswoman said a male version could be on the cards for the future.