The Gothic London villa with a secret in its attic

The stunning property looks like the type of mansion you'd expect to find in London, except for one thing...

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From the outside, this Victorian home in London looks impressive, but not particularly unusual.

As would be expected of a lavish Victorian villa in London, intricate Gothic embellishments, including architraves, ogival arches and elaborate fireplaces, adorn the property on Church Road in Crystal Palace.

‘Rockmount’, as its called, boasts of high ceilings, eight bedrooms, a dining room, games room, a drawing room, double bedroom and a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom.

It also has a wine cellar, a Belvedere with a view over London, and a double-garage and off-street parking.

There is also lodge on the grounds, which has its own reception area and a room with a fireplace.

Rightmove, the properties website which has the building listed on its website, describes the lodge as “the perfect playhouse”.

But inside the attic of the £3.25 million property is something quite unexpected, which does not match the Victorian grandeur of the rest of the home.

Find out what's in the attic here: