The ice bride

By Adam Jacques
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Louise O'Mara, 22, a trainer for Samsung, wed Chris McQuade, 24, a plumber, last December

We both knew we didn't want to get married in this country; it's expensive, and the church thing didn't appeal. And somewhere hot would've felt like a holiday rather than a wedding. After we saw Lapland in a brochure, we just thought, "Wow"; 17 of us went – mostly family as none of our friends could afford it.

The wedding was at 5pm, so during the day I went to the hairdresser while my family went to elf school. A ride on a sleigh took us to the igloo. It was -12C, but I was too excited to be cold. I had a wedding dress on and a little jacket. Everyone else wore thermals.

It looked like Pingu's igloo but much bigger. Inside, the ceiling was studded with sparkling lights and at the end of the snowy aisle was a raised, iced altar, lit up. The ceremony was only five minutes – just an exchange of vows – which was good, as it was chilly.

There was an ice bar in a separate room, with ice stools and ice tables. We drank pink champagne in glasses with sharp ends that you stick in the snow.

My feet were going numb towards the end, though, as were Chris's fingers. But I was too excited to care. We had a quick dance outside on a slippery, frozen dance floor, then got a sleigh ride through this wooden wilderness back to the hotel. It was magical.