The long, agonising wait for information

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He said: "I was at work when I heard the news. I tried to call Rachelle's mobile but it was switched off. I called her work in Piccadilly Circus, and they said she didn't turn up. I thought maybe she was walking, but time flew by, and she didn't turn up. I knew something was wrong.

"I didn't know who to contact. Then they released the contact number but we couldn't get through. We tried for hours. I was calling all the hospitals and trying to get any news. Eventually one of my friends managed get through to the contact number and he gave all the details, but they didn't give us a reference number so we had to call it all over again.

"On Friday, it was my cousin's ideas to make a 'missing' poster. We did it on the computer at home. The picture was from last Easter when Rachelle and I went to Scotland with friends.

"We were assigned a police liaison officer, but they just keep saying there are no changes. I went to the Mauritian High Commission, but they hadn't heard anything. Then we went out to the hospitals again. I've been to all the hospitals in central London twice, and my friends have been as well. Rachelle's mother and father and my parents arrived from Mauritius on Sunday. They were relying on me for information, so they had to come. We just cried together. They're holding up as well as they can.

"I'm just surviving. Just going day to day. You can't do anything else. It's frustrating. I haven't been listening to the news or the press conferences. It's just too depressing."