The rock'n'roll bride

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Juliette Wills, 35, founder of the clothing website, married guitarist Gautier Golab, 31, in Brighton last September

Gautier's proposal set the tone for our wedding – he got down drunkenly on one vintage-Levi-ed knee after a gig and said, "Tu veux être ma femme?" I didn't speak French, so I had no idea what he was asking at first.

We met in April and got married in September. When a Frenchman proposes, you don't hang around.

Churches give me the creeps, so I was never going to have a traditional ceremony. We got married at the Brighton Pavilion and I wore a dress that was very ladylike from the front, but backless, so when I turned around, it showed off the tattoos on my shoulders.

I can't stand all the bridesmaid stuff and I banned children, which horrified my mum. We didn't have a "first dance" as Gautier refused, so instead I kicked my shoes off and did a fast jive with a friend to a Gene Vincent number.