The Selfie Olympics: the trend of 2013 reloaded

Hundreds of pictures as part of the trend show 'olympians' in bizarre poses

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Just days into 2014, the selfie, the trend of 2013, has been upgraded. Introducing selfie 2.0: The Selfie Olympics.

In the spirit of other similar crazes such as “planking” and “vadering”, "Olympians" aim to outdo each other by posting the most imaginative and outlandish selfies – or self-portraits that a person takes of themselves.

Competitors seek to parody the traditional selfie by posing in their bathroom mirror, but with ridiculous twists.

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According to website Refinery 29, the Selfie Olympics began with a Twitter account, using the hashtag #SelfieOlympics.

Selfie-takers contributing to the game of one-upmanship opt for the bizarre and the dangerous, or better yet, a combination of the two.

One photo shows a woman dangling precariously from a door by her shirt, while another sees a man in a canoe wedged between his bathroom door next to an enormous palm tree.

A girl dangles by her shirt from a door in an attempt to be the best Selfie Olympics contender


While there are no actual prizes, a myriad of Facebook pages dedicated to the craze already showcase competitors trying to prove their selfie “game” – slang for prowess.